We, Luisa and Michael, met in Queens, NY in the spring of 2016. Only after a few weeks of spending everyday together, we decided to leave our jobs at Toyota and drive to California with Michael’s dog Honey. California was the place that sparked our vintage/antique interests as we traveled to various flea markets in the Bay Area selling vintage items that we had found. California was amazing but the costs of living reminded us too much of NYC so we sought Austin, TX as our new home on Jan 2, 2017. This is where we started an estate sale company from scratch and also where we started to have booths in various antique malls. The estate sale company Vintique Estate Sales started to get traction and by mid 2017 it was a well oiled machine. At one point in 2018 we had two sales a month and we were in three different antique malls selling our digs. We had an idea, “What if we start our own antique mall? We would be saving on paying all this rent, etc.”

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