The social emotional aspect plays a bigger factor in it. My daughter, she’s pretty advanced in her schooling. So there’s state testing three times a year, she’s always been high or above average on all of her stuff. So I’m not really concerned about her. But my son, he started kindergarten. Boys in general, for writing and reading, it’s more difficult for them to pick up on even in the grade that I teach, fifth grade. You still see it as a struggle for most boys. And so that’s my concern. He’s learning to read and he’s learning to write and he’s missing that. He missed three months of kindergarten where those skills were really starting to be developed and honed . Even at home, being a teacher myself, and trying to get him to sit down and write with me, it’s like ripping teeth out. It’s like, come on, buddy, just two words. Can you give me two words?

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