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Actor Refuses To Let Pandemic Ruin His Career

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Albert headshot actor refuses to give up his career
Albert M,

“For those of us who have made it our life's goal to be actors, you're kind of beholden to Los Angeles because there is nowhere else to go, nothing else to do but wait for that audition. I'm proud of the fact that for seven years that's been my only living. I've accomplished my goal and I continue to do that.”

Once the pandemic hit, everything changed for Albert though this actor refuses to give up.

“As an actor we use a term called feast [or] famine, which means you might book a forty thousand dollar gig, live the high life for six months, and then for another year you may not book an audition. So it’s a really interesting roll the dice kind of lifestyle. And the pandemic has taken the dice away.”

In early March, Albert was still not taking the pandemic seriously. He just simply could not believe it at first, even though he had friends who had started taking shelter as early as February.

“As everything has continued to increase and rise, I’ve taken it a lot more seriously.”

Once the shutdown happened in California, every job opportunity was taken away from Albert, which left him very concerned about his livelihood.

“I had a couple of commercials that were slated for the end of March that were unable to go into production.  So that was too bad because that was the money I was looking to have until the end of summer to keep me floating.”

As an actor he’s used to living in this environment. Living each day not knowing when you’re going to get paid and hoping and praying that you’ll book the next job.

“But when that’s taken away, the ability to potentially earn, that’s when it gets dire. Most actors don’t have a big amount of savings. To know that you’re not going to get any money is different than hoping you will because you might book an audition. I have known for the last five and a half months that I’m not getting any money.”

Even with a complete shutdown of the industry with no job possibilities in sight Albert still struggled to get unemployment.

“I still haven’t gotten a single penny and we’re already on month six. Every single bill I have is on hold. From my phone to my car insurance to my car payment to my rent, everything. I am not making positive payments. I’m only accruing debt. Any day now, I’m going to get these things revoked or removed or taken away from me.”

With despair creeping in, Albert finally had to make the hard decision of leaving his home in Los Angeles to live with his family in the North Bay. Fortunately, his kind and loving family was eager to support him in his time of need.

Always the optimist he continues to try to look on the brighter side.

“I decided that life would be acting; that acting would be life. And that there was no differentiating between the two. And I have to decide, can I keep that momentum? Can I still keep that positive understanding and still live? I honestly don’t have the answer right now. My world is strong and I’ve been through many things as a lot of us have before. I’m gonna stay optimistic that I will get unemployment and things will go back to normal.”

He refuses to let his dreams die with this pandemic.

“It’s temporary. I’m gonna be back.”

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