your COVID-19 pandemic STORIES

The Covid-19 pandemic and its impact have proven to be far too complex for any single lens. Over the last several months we have been interviewing people all around the country to help bring that narrative into focus. Here are some of the COVID-19 pandemic stories based on those interviews.

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You are not a statistic. We are all in this together and we want your help. Your experience and your views are important to us. The narrative we are mutually creating is not yet complete. Please share with us the story of how the pandemic affected you. Help us provide another lens to focus the narrative.

The Covid-19 pandemic has isolated us in our rooms and our houses. It’s so much harder to stand and talk to passersby or say hello to strangers. It has become too easy to ignore others and to get caught up in our own perspective. It has become too easy to stop empathizing with others. The sharing of our stories on the pandemic is a way to break this cycle. Pulling together our narratives can help us mend our divisions and partisanship. Listening to each other and reading about each other’s experiences will create bridges between us. 

During this year, fuconomy has listened to many interviews and written down their stories on the pandemic: A Covid long-hauler struggled to climb stairs even after six months. A brain-cancer survivor navigated the pandemic to her wedding. An immunocompromised event-planner was evicted from their apartment and forced to plead with their partner’s family to be permitted to stay in a tiny cottage. A Broadway actor fled New York City to live with his family. Babies were born while the pandemic was raging. A multi-state tech company VP successfully implemented a Covid prevention plan. A foster son’s mother successfully fought the system to bring her foster son back to the loving arms of his biological mother. These were their stories. There are so many more to tell. 

We are waiting for you to add your story on how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted you.