Pandemic Artwork

The pandemic and its impact have proven to be far too complex for any single lens. Words by themselves may not be able to provide enough clarity. To bring the Covid-19 pandemic into better focus, fuconomy has asked artists to contribute their pandemic art. Artists across the world have responded with drawings, paintings, digital art, photos, and poems. Click on a picture below for more description and more art.

Art is personal to each and every one of us. If you are interested in sharing your pandemic art, please contact us.

Featured Artwork


Please share your pandemic art by clicking on the Share Your Story sidebar. You will subsequently be directed to a form to fill out. After you fill out some personal details, please choose the topic Artwork. Then write a little about yourself and your inspiration. Last, attach your artwork as a file.

Your art is valuable to us all. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us isolated, stressed out, and looking for a way to express our bottled-up emotions. During Covid, art has the ability to connect us in a time when we are so disconnected. For these reasons, fuconomy has been collecting pandemic art. 

Artists can help us express those deep complex feelings that are so difficult to express with simple words. Due to their unique perspectives, some find vibrant beauty in daily events they never noticed before. Others are bringing to life the tragedy with dark sculptures and terrifying images. Artists from all across the country are getting involved with fuconomy. Some of our contributors are living as far away as Nigeria and France.   

Whether you are a professional artist deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic or an amateur in need of a space to focus your negativity, we appreciate you sharing your pandemic art. You are both providing a cathartic release for your own emotions and an avenue of expression that others sorely need during this time. Send us pictures of your pandemic paintings, photographs, drawings. Send us your pandemic poetry. Help us connect to each other in this time of disconnection.

We are waiting for you to share your pandemic art and your stories.