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"When everyone was hunkered down and doing Zoom happy hours, we thought if we can play Cards Against Humanities on Zoom why can't we have a wedding on Zoom."

Angie and I met online and dated for 2 years. I was a pretty experienced online dater; she was not. She had been married once before, and since then she really had only two long term boyfriends. I thank God her friends convinced her to sign up for a dating app. I snatched her up and swept her off her feet, I was the first and last person that she went on an online date with.

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"The most stressful thing was just the uncertainty of whether or not we were having a wedding."

I got engaged in June of 2019. We decided that the best time to get married in San Diego was the fall and decided on 10/10/2020 because we like the date. I got my dress, we put down the deposit on the venue, our photographer and our wedding coordinator. We sent out the save the dates in February and then in March when everything hit, we put everything on pause, but at first we thought, OK, this will be over by October.

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