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Have you had to move because of the pandemic? Are you thinking about relocating? How is your city or town changing? Continue this discussion on the RELOCATING FORUM.



New York

"Moving in New York, you have to do a security deposit, first and last month’s rent and then a truck rental. It was going to be around ten thousand dollars."

My fiance and I were paying $3600 a month for a brownstone garden unit in Washington Heights. We never had that money before COVID but we made it work. I was maintaining the entire property and it was great to have all that extra room. We started asking our landlord about our lease renewal and she just wasn’t responding. Eventually she served us papers saying we have 60 days to leave the property because she’s selling the building to developers, at least it wasn’t an eviction notice but we had to go.

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"Just purchased a brand new home and have to sell."

My husband and I started looking for homes to buy before hearing about Covid-19. We found our dream home in March and started the process of purchasing. At the time, my husband was still working overtime every week even though our governor had shut down all non-essential businesses. It wasn’t until July that his hours got cut — twice. After moving into our new home, we can no longer afford the mortgage payments. We have to put the house up for sale and move somewhere with cheaper payments.




"The pandemic hit, I was like, I can't stay in New York. I'm not grounded enough. I'm not mentally, emotionally prepared to go through this in a studio by myself in Hell's Kitchen."

When they started refunding all the Broadway shows, I knew nothing was going to be happening in Music Theater until at least the end of the year.
So when the pandemic hit, I was like, I can’t stay in New York. I’m not grounded enough. I’m not mentally, emotionally prepared to go through this in a studio by myself in Hell’s Kitchen. I was like, get me out.

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