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Rhode Island

"She used to do 10 hour shifts, no problem. Now she can't work more than five or six hours before she's asleep on her feet. Just bone tired."

My 19 year old younger sister contracted it and she doesn’t have any of the health issues, yet it was still terrifying to see. Thankfully, she didn’t have to be hospitalized. She toughed it out at home. She would call me when she was getting up in the morning just to let me know that she’d made it through the night.

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"My grandma had part of a lung missing. She had beat lung cancer eleven years ago. I had this feeling like if she comes around it, she's not going to make it."

My grandma moved into a nursing home last summer. Her dementia wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t safe for her to be at home anymore and my grandpa couldn’t take care of her. So they lived two hours away from me and I would come visit them at least once a month. I was their only grandkid, so we were extremely close. When Covid hit, they shut down their nursing home. They didn’t allow visitors. And then they had an outbreak. Within a couple of weeks, there were over 20 residents that tested positive.

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"I was sick for 48 days."

It was the last week of March when I started feeling sick. I woke up in a puddle of sweat and I was like, whoa, what’s going on here? I don’t feel too good. I was very, very weak. I had a terrible headache and I was very hot. My temperature was 103.

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"You look and see all the suffering and you think why not me?"

It wasn’t bad; it felt like a cold or a sinus infection. I had a 100 degree fever that lasted for two days. Back then if you were symptom free for three days, you could go back to work. I did. It was kind of nuts.

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"They shoved her right out the door because I guess she wasn't severe enough and she was young."

A very close family friend got it around the end of March and she was really sick. She went to the hospital twice for oxygen. Both times they gave her oxygen and then when she could breathe on her own again, they shoved her right out the door because I guess she wasn’t severe enough and she was young. But luckily, she recovered and she’s fine but it was really tough on her.