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Vinay Pittampally

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Art: Couple that are barefoot, shown from waist down kissing while holding mask by Vinay Pittampally

Inspiration: Vinay Pittampally notes what makes the pandemic even more painful is social distancing from the one you love. Despite convincing our minds to adapt to the new norm, sometimes we dream of breaking the rules. The illustration is the depiction of this inner conflict where love wins against the pandemic. 

Artist Bio:  Vinay Pittampally is an Indian Illustrator. He loves to play with light, texture and perspective to create profound work. 

Website: http://www.vinaypittampally.com

Instagram: @vinaypittampally

Vinay Pittampally is one of many talented artists that are showcasing their work on fuconomy.com. If you found this work inspiring and want to see more pandemic art, head to the pandemic artwork page, or try work from another artist, Ed Ryan. Or if you want to share your own work and have fuconomy showcase it, please complete the submission form. We are greatly appreciative of artists who wish to show their work on our site.

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