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Tracey Anderson

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Art Piece: Flying Blind person wearing gas mask by Tracey Anderson

“Flying Blind”

Tpye: mixed media, photograph, encaustic, oils and pan pastels on canvas

Inspiration: In early March, before things things started getting serious here in the US, I took a picture of myself wearing this WWII gas mask we inherited from a relative. It was almost a joke at the time. The sky was bright blue with perfect puffy clouds above my head. The contrast was striking. The photo sat there awhile and as the pandemic evolved, so did this piece. When the news became more dire, I rubbed black pigment all over it. When I became angry, I added some orange and reds. On a fearful day, the yellow came to play. The encaustic layers dulled it, dulled me, dulled my senses. I’m not sure this is even done. I keep looking at it, adding things here and there. It may never be finished, because this isn’t over.

Artist Bio: Tracey Anderson, Colorado; Mostly I cavort around the mountains, make art and try to find where I put down my $!@# phone.

Instagram: @tnta13

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