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Soft Mongoose

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Inspiration: Like most people at the beginning of the lockdown I, Soft Mongoose, was incapacitated with fear, feeling unable to do anything. My only idea was to make little shapes that maybe could be used for some project later on. Gradually, the shapes started to merge together. This became a huge project, many hours and weeks spent on it, but I didn’t have the usual costume commissions I get before the Edinburgh Fringe as it was cancelled due to the pandemic. So I continued combining, fleshing out the shapes until this mask emerged. I like to think bits of Studio Ghibli films and bits of the Midnight Gospel series got in there as it was being made. Now I’ve got this huge mask that I don’t know what to do with.

Artist Bio: We’re from Manchester, UK and make costumes and decorative art, principally using traditional felting techniques. We started in 2017 at the request of friends who needed costumes for their cabaret shows.

Instagram: @softmongoose

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