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Ruben Chavez

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1918 Revisited 2020 Colorful alley way with people by Ruben Chavez

“1918 Revisited 2020”

Painting: Mix media (watercolor and color pencils on watercolor paper)

InspirationPaintings come in my dreams. I started the art piece on December 11, 2018. Worked on it off and on and completed it on March, Friday the 13th, 2020 at the very start of  “Shelter in Place” and the wearing of mandatory masks in Denver. Then it dawn on me the relevance to the present conditions. These are strange times, but YOU can make positive memories by thinking outside the box as in the painting. 

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

– Charles R. Swindoll

This is the time that may force a person to slow down, spend more time with the family, become more physically active, etc. Be blessed.

Artist Bio: Ruben Chavez is a contemporary artist who now resides in Denver, CO. His family has lived for generations in New Mexico since the 1590s. At age 17, Ruben was painting Chicano urban murals and worked as a staff illustrator for a local newspaper.  Ruben graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) where he was trained in the human anatomy discipline of famous George Brant Bridgeman of the Art Student League of New York. For 10 years Ruben Chavez served as an art director, including owning an advertising company, IXL Designs Inc. in downtown Denver.  Clients included NFL, MLB, Time Magazine, Chevrolet, Colorado Cattlemen Association, etc. As time went on Ruben focused his skills into illustration. Now Ruben enjoys creating fine art in the style of Magic Realism and has had exhibitions in Colorado. 

Art piece is currently exhibited at the KOWEN Gallery, 11857 Bradburn Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031 kowengallery.com

Also represented in New Mexico by Fiesta Mercantile of Santa Fe fiestamerc.com

Instagram: @ruben.art.studio

Ruben Chavez is one of many talented artists that are showcasing their work on fuconomy.com. If you found this work inspiring and want to see more pandemic art, head to the pandemic artwork page, or try work from another artist, R. F. Pangborn. Or if you want to share your own work and have fuconomy showcase it, please complete the submission form. We are greatly appreciative of artists who wish to show their work on our site.

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