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R. F. Pangborn

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Representation of the dread of returning to school by R. F. Pangborn

Artist Bio and Inspiration: R. F. Pangborn: I have lately been using art as a means to tackle my anxiety and depression issues, working from my home in the Tampa Bay area. The pandemic has not been a huge revelation to me or a disturbance to my already secluded daily routine. I am still in my room, being anti-social, churning out cathartic paintings, and avoiding phone calls. Only, now I can kind of see the things that I feared about people and society are not all merely byproducts of my hypervigilance. As the level of fear and uncertainty rises, the illusion of a safe, ordered world is proving to be as fragile as I thought it was. This particular piece is the result of my deep empathy for parents right now. They too are recognizing that their trust in that same illusion may be entirely misplaced.

Instagram: @pangbornrf

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