To Protect Our Families, Lose That First-World Entitlement

At the turn of the millennium, Tony was paranoid there would be a terrorist attack on American soil. His fears became real. On that September 11th he was in the World Trade Center when the first plane hit. “I didn’t panic. I made the decision to get out. I was surrounded by all these people […]

Brain Cancer Survivor Navigates the Year of the Pandemic to Her Wedding

Brain cancer survivor, Nicole after surgery

2020 was supposed to be a memorable year, a year full of joy. Nicole was engaged to be married in September, but the year started horribly and just got worse. Nicole is a social worker, working with the state. For the first two months of the year, she was having really bad migraines daily. Her […]

Epic Story of Family Delivering Twins While Fighting Coronavirus

Andre and Baby

Andre Laubach’s story starts with this big guy walking around, licking doorknobs and doing other stupid things. He buys pizza with fistfuls of change, letting the coins clatter to the ground. He is just a reckless fool who gets himself infected with the coronavirus. At least that’s how actors portrayed him in one Japanese news […]

Mom Grieves for Her Job. Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

Mom grieves by window

Ann had a wonderful life. She had been working for ten years at her job as a bank teller. She was content and had no inclination of changing her job. Her husband was in the trucking industry and loved what he did. And she was blessed with a three-year-old daughter. “I felt like I had […]

It Was a Microcosm of the U.S. Her Leadership Kept Them Safe

tech with protective mask

Erica is a vice president of the health and safety department of a multinational microcosm tech company, which works with state and federal governments in the banking, financial and healthcare sectors. They operate under a lot of regulations, and meeting turnaround times is very important. Erica oversees multiple manufacturing and document-management facilities in many states […]

Not Everyone Recovers: A Covid-19 Long-hauler’s Harrowing Tale

Jeff in hospital illustration

Jeff was used to running at a hundred miles per hour. He would work sixty-five hours a week running parts and services for two car dealerships and managing his 30 employees. Then he’d come back home, fully participate around the house with his family and three kids, stay up late until around two and then […]