Her Bipolar Husband Goes Manic in the Middle of the Pandemic

Kathryn’s husband is bipolar, and because of his condition, he’s not able to hold down a job. Still, she’s always tried to make it work with him. They’ve been married for eight years and they have a four-year-old daughter. In July of 2019, though, she had enough of his antics. She found out that he […]

Aspiring Director Infuses Art Into Unexpected Places

Wheel in garden

Ed calls himself the accidental farmer as he used to live in Brooklyn but moved to Westhampton, MA to be closer to his family. A couple years after 9/11, he traded in his city life for the rural landscape. He went for a visit to the family but ended up staying as his sister and […]

Her Paramedic Girlfriend Wears a P100 Every Day. Do You Want to Swap Masks?

hazmat suit

Living with a paramedic girlfriend gave Rebecca a much more informed perspective upon the coronavirus pandemic than the average nightclub worker. In the third week of February, she and her girlfriend had a discussion. They knew the pandemic was going to get big. Her partner was immunocompromised. The night club was too much of a […]

Pandemic Has Extended Foster Son’s Reunification Day Way too Long

representing foster son's reunification; woman holding up child in snow

Jane had always wanted to be a mother. She had even gotten her degree in family studies. But the dream of having her own baby was crushed at the young age of 27 when some cancer cells were found in her uterus. She wasn’t able to do the normal hormonal therapy because she had a […]

The Heart of Orlando Is Hospitality and Its Heart Is Broken

Hotel Event Coordinators

Orlando, Florida, is known for Disneyworld and all its other theme parks. It is also second only to Las Vegas in terms of the volume of people going there to attend conventions. When people visit, the experience the greatness of Orlando hospitality. Leah worked as a convention services manager for one of the largest convention […]

Physical Therapist Works to Find Balance While Being a Stay at Home Mom

Jess Carey Family

Years before the pandemic, Jess had been working in a hospital as a physical therapist doing acute care inpatient rehab. However, when her daughter was born, she decided she wanted more flexibility so that she could spend more time with her daughter. She left the hospital setting for the more free schedule that came with […]

Waiting for Kisses, Hollywood Actress Finds Meaning Being Alone

Hollywood actress Collage: Karissa headshot, S.W.A.T. film set, camera

New Year’s brought with it bright optimism. Karissa, a Hollywood actress, was a recurring cast member on CBS’s show S.W.A.T. She had her social circles and a good life. Then 2020 came and took a 180 degree turn. Her life hit a rough patch. All TV and film production was put on hiatus, and then […]