Economic Impacts of Broadway Shutdown Ripple Across NYC and the Nation

Charlie Williams - Frozen Broadway Blues

Charlie Williams was a performer and an associate choreographer on the Frozen production on Broadway before Covid-19 shut it all down. Now he’s stuck in his 300-square-foot studio apartment, which is the size of a prison cell, in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, trying to wait the pandemic out. A lot of people in theater […]

Trauma, Trauma Everywhere — NYC Children Need TLC Lessons to Heal

Jen is a full-time music teacher in Queens in New York City. Back in January and February 2020 the coronavirus was already on her radar since many of her students were Asians who were following the situations in their home countries. However, she saw herself as being relatively healthy and in great shape, and she […]

Wedding Bands Perform to Empty Halls as 2020 is Postponed

Kevin Hart group photo

Starlight Music’s wedding band performances are choreographed and rehearsed to well-oiled perfection so that the audience experiences consistent top-of-the-line quality on those magical nights. The band is on stage live, reading the audience, infusing the reception area with vibrant energy. Electric guitars are playing in symphony with trumpets and saxophones. The singers are serenading the […]