Faces of COVID: Their Deaths Are Not Just News Statistics

Cold, hard numbers Every day newscasts are bombarding us with numbers on the pandemic. They throw at us numbers on cases, deaths, mortality rates, hospitalization rates, and all kinds of others. Each number is flashed with the same alarming urgency, and the numbers are numbing people out. Numbers are abstract, devoid of emotion. Hundreds of […]

Broadway Blues: Theater Reopening May Still Be Over a Year Away

Theater Reopenings

Broadway shows were the pinnacle of live entertainment, pulling in travelers from across the world to see their magic, and they were money-makers. In the 2018-19 season the theaters brought 14.7 billion dollars into New York City’s economy. Because of the theaters’ prominence, Broadway getting shut down is hardly ever heard of. In the last […]

Anti-maskers: Their Freedom is Costing Us More Than Our Lives

Mask protesters

Freedom is a non-partisan principle beloved by all Americans. We love our freedom to speak, protest, argue about different views, worship any God we want, and choose who to love. Our freedoms are ingrained in the Constitution. For anti-maskers, freedom means the choice not to wear a mask and the ability to breathe air without […]

Why is the Housing Market Booming in the Pandemic?

Man putting for sale sign in front of house

America just recorded the highest median home listing price ever. In September, prices were 11.1% over last year. This housing market boom defies economic logic. We’re still fighting a pandemic. The unemployment rate is still a high 7.9%. The economy is still in a slump. Back in April, nobody was predicting this.  Amanda Marchesello, a […]

Long-term Care Lockdowns Sacrifice Mental Health for Safety, Bringing More Deaths

depressed senior sitting on bed

With winter approaching and pandemic fatigue causing less adherence to prevention guidance, health authorities are looking to the future with worry. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington projects around 400,000 Americans dying before the end of February due to Covid-19. Such dismal numbers make the probability of future lockdowns […]

Are Elementary Schools Safe for Students in the Pandemic?

Masked child going back to school

With all the new preventive protocols happening in elementary schools, there is an illusion of safety. These protocols will reduce some of the risk; however, parents, teachers, and district officials should realize that there is no way any school can eliminate all risk. The most important factor in bringing safety to elementary schools is lowering […]

From Sea to Shining Sea: A Coronavirus Journey

Sunset over mountains

In early 2020, preventative measures to contain Covid-19 failed. A lack of information and understanding propelled the coronavirus on its journey from sea to shining sea. This is a short story that depicts those missteps that led to the coronavirus journey.    March 30th, New York City “Hello, Dr. Palmer’s office, how may I help […]

Telehealth — Covid-19 Pushing the Next Generation of Healthcare

Doctor on Skype

The pandemic is reorganizing the concept of healthcare. Virtual health services (telehealth) are now being promoted across America. With advances in technology, face-to-face contact with our healthcare providers is not as necessary and at times risky. Due to the pressures of dealing with Covid-19, telehealth is pushing our healthcare into the next generation. When the […]

Carbon Dioxide Poisoning: Face Masks and Climate Change​


It is intuitive. When someone breathes through a cloth mask, they will experience breathing resistance. The cloth slows the speed of the air leaving and coming in. Certainly, not as much oxygen is entering the lungs as before. Right? Certainly, more carbon dioxide is entering the lungs, right? Carbon dioxide poisoning is a legitimate concern […]