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Kristina Davies

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Kristina Davies Pandemic Selfie in the Studio

“Pandemic Selfie in the Studio”

Inspiration: I am so grateful I was able to paint in my studio during quarantine. This selfie was taken after I had completed a black and white abstract painting on a large piece of wood; I was emotionally exhausted but also energized, and I decided to lie down on the painting (it was dry!) and take a selfie. I wanted the black mask to be the focal point, since masks are now a part of our reality. I also wanted to be as expressive as possible with my eyes, because, after all, it’s all about the eyes now, it’s the way we connect.

Pandemic Painting in Black and White by Kristina Davies

“Pandemic Painting in Black and White”

Inspiration: The black and white painting in the background of this photograph is entitled Flying Solo, and I painted it on a very large piece of raw canvas in my studio during the quarantine. Using the language of abstraction, I was visualizing the pandemic and Covid-19 virus. My first layers represent all of the feelings of fear and uncertainty and isolation. Then I would paint another layer on top of that one with the intent of cancelling it all out, literally painting over those feelings with a layer of peace and healing on top. Using gesture, intuition, movement, music and paint, I just kept creating layer after layer in this same manner over the course of a month. The painting has at least 20 layers of paint on it, as well as lots of scratches, drips and mark making.

This summer, on a very hot 95 degree day, I took the painting outside, leaned it against a building, and had a fellow artist snap a few photos of me in front of the painting. I specifically painted a mask to mimic the colors and layers of the painting, and I changed into my black and white “psychedelic” dress because I thought it would look fantastic with the painting and the mask. I then struck a pose that reminded me of those 1950s style Creature From the Black Lagoon Hollywood movie posters. The word “Pandemic,” can evoke feelings of fear and helplessness, so this is a very stereotypical “feminine” pose that I was creating with sarcasm and irony.

Social Distance by Kristina Davies

“Social Distance”

Inspiration: This painting I actually created quite recently, in September of 2020. It represents where we are as a society, as a whole world, with this pandemic. We wear our masks, we keep our distance; we are still human and vibrant, but it seems like it is getting more difficult to hang onto that sense of humanity when we can’t be physically close, smile, talk, or be heard. I left the gray space in the middle to represent that feeling of being distant from one another; it is palpable and problematic.

Artist Bio: Kristina Davies (b. Denver, CO) is an artist and educator who lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She received her Master of Education in Integrating Teaching through the Arts, which combined her two passions, art and education. Kristina has exhibited in Santa Fe and Denver. She has a studio in Globeville, in the River North Arts District of Denver.

Instagram: @kristinadaviesart

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