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Julie Calabrese

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Inspiration: March 17th 2020 was the first day of quarantine in all the french territory. We, as everyone in the world, had to learn how to live this new life. This series is not only the documentation of my everyday life, but also a way to talk about stong themes which are significants for this particular time. The first visible consequence of this life under quarantine was the impact on our social life. The communication tools became essentials. The social distanciation was a revolution in our lives: it pushed us to be a social being without physical contacts. This work focuses on the consequences of this distance between each other; it led us to think deeply about ourselves and we experienced way deeper our emotional world.  That’s why auto-portrait was so important on this work. The second point which was important for me in this series, was to talk about objects of the old and the new world as symbols, to create a mythologie of the everyday life. Those objects which seem to be only utilitaries, are, in fact, the representants of a particular moment of our lives. The photography work is here to create signification on each thing around us. The way I constructed this series is also significant: I choose to break the codes of a traditional photography series on an aesthetic and narrative point of view. I couldn’t talk about this period of time in a linear way because my everyday life was on repeat mode, everyday was the same, first I had to break the monotony within my work and also this whole series was a reflection of my way of thinking: a firework of imageries coming from different inspiration sources.

Artist Bio: Julie Calabrese was born in La Seyne sur Mer, France in 1992, the city where she still lives but works all around the world as a freelance photographer. She has been part of different collectives such as AFW in Melbourne, Australia or L’ETNA in Paris in which she dig into her analog practice. She use the medium of photography to immortalize what’s around her. She documents any places she goes to, any city she lived in, and any people who have crossed her road. Her themes and subjects are mainly focused on women, social relationships, consequences of world struggles and capturing as close as possible the life of people. She also uses photography as a bridge to create connections with the people she photographs, and the deeper the contact or relationship is, the better the pictures will be. 

She has been published in different magazines :F-stop magazine/ Issue 101,  Artpil, Swampland/ Issue 3, Cleptafire, Uncertain Magazine, Der Greif, Fotofemmeunited, and has exhibited in Lisbon, Melbourne and Paris. 

Instagram: @juliecalabrese1

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