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Felicia Gay De Montella

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woman in mask with mascara art piece by Felicia Gay De Montella

“Maybe She’s Born With It”

Artist Bio and Inspiration: Felicia Gay De Montella: I’m a self taught artist who works mostly with wood pencils and recycled materials. I’ve lived in many countries and am currently based in Paris, France. Passionate about everything Biology, I like to create compositions in which Art and Science intertwine. As a matter of fact, I try to collapse boundaries and mix as many fields as possible.

I wanted to show the quotidian of those who are “healthy” so as to explore the oddity of being in a middle position between tragedy and normalcy. Humour occasionally allows us to address what’s otherwise difficult to describe. 

The gesture I’ve depicted could be perceived as banal yet this mirror reflection simultaneously represents deeper concerns (self esteem, solitude, mental health, lethargy etc). We oscillate between being fortunate and deeply impacted.

"Apoptosis for the Sullied" by Felicia Gay De Montella

“Apoptosis for the Sullied”

Most of my work organically exposes juxtapositions. In “Apoptosis for the Sullied”, staying afloat/floating, death and life are present. With the deterioration of an environment we rely on and the current pandemic, I needed to pour these elements and the associated ideas on paper; to explore the relationship amongst them, their complexity and fragility; their beauty and ugliness without conclusions or moralism. Illness meets poetry and melancholia is as inconsistent as tranquility.

Instagram: @artistic_alkaloid

Felicia Gay De Montella is one of many talented artists that are showcasing their work on fuconomy.com. Additionally, if you found this work inspiring and want to see more pandemic art, head to the pandemic artwork page, or try work from another artist, Soft Mongoose, whose sculptures are very colorful. Or if you want to share your own work and have fuconomy showcase it, please complete the submission form. We are greatly appreciative of artists who wish to show their work on our site.

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