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F. K. Sas

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Inspiration: The pandemic has impacted us all in profound ways, and made both interpersonal connection and art even more difficult to experience than normal. The inspiration for the films these stills have been taken from represent the connection many of us are seeking, particularly now. With a cast of 2, and a skilled crew of 2, my approach to cinema has adapted to the limitations we find ourselves in. Rather than approaching film as grandiose stories which sweep across locations and lives and characters, the pandemic has helped shape an introspective approach to storytelling which resonated across the filmmaking process for me, into the performances for them, and hopefully, into the viewers, you, who experience these stories. It’s all about connection.

Pictured: McKenna Parsons & Dani Rodriguez

Artist BioBorn on the Big Island of Hawaii, Forrest moved 10 times before highschool. In school he discovered a passion for acting and started working in professional theater before moving to Manhattan’s upper west side, and working as a sub-par waiter at Red Lobster Times Square. From there he joined the Air Force as a Cryptologic Language Analyst spending years learning Mandarin, which he is still just okay at. While in the Air Force, and lacking creative outlets, Forrest bought a camera, and his life quickly clarified from there, sort of. He started making photos, short films, bad business promotional videos that paid him in sunscreen, and soon found himself leaving the active duty military and studying film at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Forrest is currently in pre production for his 16mm senior thesis film GoGo-274, a film about human connection, steampunk goggles… and spooky department store mannequins.  

Instagram: @f.k.sas

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