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Ed Ryan

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Spirit urgent.

Infinite might.

Haggard vigor revealed.

Forfeited respite,

Obscures Necessity.

Cries coldly, the night.

Dreams find meaning.

For time, we fight.

Valued wishes,

Now granted.

Confronted with plight.


Told, take order,

makes pause.

Told suffer, accede.

Self ripens to center,

Then denies need.

Dismissive of duty,

Despite charges arranged.

Blame broadcasted, accepted.

Hate follows, exchanged.


With emotion mechanical.

Invention is still.

Greed, cold, arises.

Thirst invites will,

For granted gifts gone.

Now seen silent in view,

Lost perfections,

Missed hopes,

Craved desires, we knew.



Breath prepares charity.

A mighty battle calls.

Brave endless exercise,

Serve nameless, who falls.

Bountiful souls only numbers,

Not truly seen.

Where is peace?

What is serene?


Speak gratitude.

Find child.


Seek mirth!

Confront destiny!

With purpose, our memories

Will honor the Earth.


So, flourish! Eyes open.

Look loud! Leap!

With comfort unknown.

With logic, asleep.

One thing is certain,

What we sow, we shall reap.


Faith shattered,

Pride dared.

Truth hidden, cloaked.

Salvation imminent.

Storm fared.

Hope eternal, evoked.


Take humanity’s turn,

To, together, atone. In the world,

Love waits.

All gifts are on loan.

So, insist. Search joy!

Love, alone,

Freely granted, creates

Compassion well sewn.

Read about Ed Ryan and his journey  as an aspiring director he infuses art into unexpected places. Earlier this year, while in school, Ed had an assigment to write how he was feeling in some form of performative way. Initially he wrote a short story but felt that it was too long and distilled it down to this poem. 

Ed Ryan is one of many talented artists that are showcasing their work on fuconomy.com. If you found this work inspiring and want to see more pandemic art, head to the pandemic artwork page, or try work from another artist, Akintayo Akintobi. Or if you want to share your own work and have fuconomy showcase it, please complete the submission form. We are greatly appreciative of artists who wish to show their work on our site.