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Anton Tintype

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Inspiration: This year has been hard on us all.  For many of us, the pandemic surfaced and exacerbated tensions and anxieties previously resigned to subdued slumber of the subconscious. Isolation is never good for us, we are social animals. I was lucky to have my studio and darkroom to retrieve to daily, in search of solace and familiarity of silver halides. But the lack of human interaction weighed heavy, and the muse was elusive, while ominous news from all corners of the world kept mounting. To break the spell, I turned the camera on my only company, myself.  I made two 4x5in ambrotypes that evening, on purple and green glass. While the purple one was left with usual backing treatment, the green plate was treated with partial relievo effect, so that the green color of the glass envelopes the figure, like our invisible enemy, the virus.  Following day, my friend Justin stopped by, and, upon seeing these plates in person, purchased one on purple glass, and expressed interest in seeing his own likeness in similar treatment. We made an 8x10in black glass ambrotype of him the following day, and subsequently it has also been purchased by a private collector. Green relievo version remains available.

Artist Bio: Anton Tintype was born in Russia, and immigrated to the USA at the age of 16.  While working in the field, he studied Photography at San Jose State University, earning a BFA degree in 2006. In 2012 Anton created The Photo Palace Bus, a traveling darkroom and educational space dedicated to analog photography.  Currently, Anton lives in California, and has been working exclusively with 19th century photographic processes for the last 7 years.

Instagram: @photopalacebus

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