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Akintayo Akintobi

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Mópélólá by Akintayo Akintobi


Inspiration: The Nigerian uneducated women are known as one of the strong hearted women on the face of the earth. Despite their social, cultural, economic and religious challenges as women in our traditional society, their role can not be overemphasized as a wife, mother, and most importantly as guardians in society as a whole. The tales of a virtuous woman, the strength and joy of motherhood, the struggles of a Nigerian Yoruba woman has always been a source of inspiration to me as an artist. She is an embodiment of character, charm, beauty, calmness and a wonder to behold. Her virtues lie in the eternal realms. She is adorned with strength, mercy, patience, kindness, goodness, perseverance and long suffering. She is worth far more than rubies, her words are garnished with grace, truth and spiced with love. She makes fine fabrics, sells it and delivers girdles for trade. She never turns away the needy. He who finds her, has found a good thing.

Heal the world II by Akintayo Akintobi

“Heal the world II”

Inspiration: The world today is going through one of its toughest time in history. The turmoil caused by Covid-19 has been a challenging for us all. Most especially in my country, so many had to face lot of challenges to survive the lockdown period given poor economic state of the country. Many were hungry, many were frustrated, many died not because of the presence of COVID-19 but also due to hunger and struggles to survive as a human. Majority had to hold on to hope and prayers for the pandemic to pass and get back to their everyday lives. It is left to each individual as a responsibility to make the world better for all as we continue to hope and pray that the world heals as time passes by.

Artist Bio: Akintayo Akintobi is a Nigerian artist based in Lagos. He is an Expressionistic painter who uses different brilliant colours, African motifs and patterns. His inspiration draws from human emotions, African culture, stories and economic situation around him. He has participated in numerous exhibitions as his works are privately collected locally and internationally. He  constantly researches to explore new concept and possibilities in art.

Instagram: @akintayoakintobi

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