ABOUT Fuconomy

Who We Are

About fuconomy: We are a documentary filmmaker, an author, a teacher, a scientist, a statistician, a project manager, a marketing manager, a business owner and an actress. As the pandemic affected our industries and sidelined our lives, we watched the national narrative turn political and people’s personal struggles get lost in the noise of the 24-hour news cycle. We seldom felt that our experiences were being captured and, as we talked to more people, we realized we were not alone.


To bring the full economic impacts and hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic into focus by sharing stories from people like you.


To provide a space where people can share their story, search for solutions to the challenges they face, and offer support during these unprecedented times.

What You Can Contribute

Visitors can share their stories and use this platform as a place to seek help for challenges as well as offer or receive support. Additionally, you can contribute by completing our survey on your pandemic expierences. Stories can be shared through our form.